Career Center


Bapuji Committee strongly believes in leading by example. So committee partnered with Career Wagon that brings career stories of successful professionals.

Career Wagon is an online career-advising platform that was initiated to inspire and empower young people with career information. This blog helps young children answer hard questions like “What should I be doing with life?”, “I am passionate about arts and technology, How do I use my skills and make a career?”

Bapuji Committee Network

Business Relations Bapuji Committee is dedicated to educating, advising, and connecting students to opportunities for summer and post-graduation in order to foster their intellectual, social, and personal transformations. Business gurus, Executives and professionals in leadership roles are invited to our institutions as Guest speakers and our students learn about business, technology, trends, updates, and opportunities.

Alumni Relations Bapuji Committee Alumni Association (BCAA) maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide.Its regular members include recipients of all degrees graduated from Bapuji Committee institutions.The purpose of the BCAA is to promote the welfare of Bapuji Committee and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Bapuji Committee and its alumni.