Gunturu Chalamaiah Bolisetty Panduranga Rao English Medium School – GCBPR English Medium School

Established in 2017, GCBPR offers education for children in Kindergarten through 10th grade.
Why choose GCBPR English Medium School?
We are unique for the following reasons:

  • Make learning fun – The goal of GCBPR is make learning fun and this is accomplished by engaging children while teaching in creative learning methods.
  • Small classes and talented teachers – Small classes facilitate learning and by keeping teacher to students ratio small, we give more attention to students and ultimately help students understand concepts while motivating them.
  • Prepare future generation – Science, technology and computers are the future. We have a plan to capitalize on children’s natural curiosity and make science, technology and computer learning joyful.
  • Air conditioned auditorium with maximum capacity of 250.

Mamidi Aruna Kumari
GCBPR English Medium School Principal

Aruna Kumari Mamidi earned MA and B. Sc B. Ed from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur. She started her career as a Lecturer and taught English language courses for High School and Junior College students. For 26 years, she worked as Director for GreenWood Public School that offered education from Kindergarten to 10th grade. She is excited to bring years of experience and expertise to Bapuji Committee.While teaching English language and Science courses, she will help make Bapuji Committee’s vision come true by empowering students life with quality education.
Mrs. Aruna Kumari can be reached by email at