Gunturu Chalamaiah Sadhu Subramanyam High School – GCSS High School

GCSS High School is Government aided school and provides standard based education for students from 6th to 10th grade. The curriculum, syllabus and examinations for each class of education are done as per the rules laid down by the Department of Secondary School Education for the State of Andhra Pradesh. Admissions are open for all students with no specific criteria and no fee is collected from the students.

413 Students
269 Boys & 144 Girls
6965 Sqft Building
18 Teaching Staff
8494 Sqft Play Area
10012 Library Books
Araveeti Venkata Ramadevi
GCSS High School Administrative AssistantAraveeti-Venkata-Ramadevi-Principal-GCSS-High-School-Bapuji-Committee

Araveeti Venkata Ramadevi was born and raised in Guntur district. She earned M.A in English at Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh and M.Ed at Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu. As a an English teacher in GCSS High School, she introduced different learning methods that work best for children and helped children learn English quickly.

In addition to her interest in English, Mrs.Araveeti Ramadevi studies and explores various facets of Biology. In addition to attending and participating in GCSS High School activities and events, Mrs.Araveeti enjoys being a spiritual aspirant in Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

Mrs.Araveeti Vekata Ramadevi can be reached by email