Our Story

In 1960, Kotha Venkateswarlu, Karpurapu Venkata Narayana, Kothuru Ramaiah, Tummipudi Sriramulu, Tripuramalu Ramanaiah, and Rachapudi Subba Rao came together on a mission to provide free education for children of Sangadigunta, low-income community of Guntur district.Bapuji Committee was formed and with Government aid, founders started Bapuji Committee School with just two classes in Sangadigunta, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The very first year, school enrolled about 100+ students in 6th and 7th grade.In reaction to the overwhelming response received from residents of Sangadigunta community and its border areas, additional classes were added and Bapuji Committee High School was established in 1961 to enroll students in 6th through 10th grades.Our High School has since offered free education to many young children of Sangadigunta and border areas.

To further address the education needs of impoverished community, Junior College was instituted in 1981 and enrolled students to provide intermediate education. And in 1982,Bapuji committee voted to change the name of Bapuji Committee High School and Junior College to Guntur Chalamaiah Sadhu Subramanyam High School and Junior College in gratitude to a donation made by trustees of Guntur Chalamaiah Satram and Sadhu Subramanyam.

From these great beginnings, Bapuji Committee has since become a powerful committee with influential members and has provided education to over 13,000 students in 55 years.I am incredibly proud of what our committee has achieved so far with your support and will continue to provide quality education for young children.

Education is the one of the solutions to world’s problems and together we can make this world a better place.Please click on “Support Bapuji Committee” to see how you can support on support us.

Karpurapu Rama Krishna Prabhu, Secretary
S/o Karpurapu Venkata Narayana, Founder Member
Bapuji Committee